Our Featured Case Study

“ProTeX has been using TBG Software Solutions since 2008. Working with programmers that are also engineers gave us the confidence to know they could understand our needs and requirements. We continue to work with TBG as we see areas that can be automated and create consistency in our product to our clients. We have implemented TBG in our day to day office routines, field inspections, laboratory tasks, and accounting responsibilities. Even during the worst of the economic decline, we are proud to have seen 11% in growth. Without TBG Software Solution we are not sure that would have been possible.”

-Delbert “Andy” A. Rapier, ProTeX The PT Xperts



Martha receives a phone call from an existing client requesting the start of aninspection. In TBG Software, Martha creates the inspection task, associated to the existing job, and adds it to the schedule for a certain time. John, the employee manager, sees the new inspections for the day in TBG Software and appoints the tasks to each employee in the field with the click of a button. Roger, a technician in the field, syncs his field version of TBG Software and gets an updated schedule. Depending on company protocol, Roger conducts each inspection as he sees fit taking notes in TBG Software on the forms associated with the project’s tasks. Roger sync’s his data back to the office after completing the task. Sam, an Engineer in the office, is then updated on TBG Software that the task is complete and ready for review and approval. Once Sam approves the documents, TBG creates all reports needed and uploads each report to the company’s document center for their clients to readily download.


Stephany, the accountant, opens TBG Software and looks to see what tasks have been completed and approved. She uses the TBG sync with QuickBooks feature which sends all the information needed to automatically generate invoices. Then, Stephany emails or prints out the invoices to be delivered. Later, Stephany can sync QuickBooks back to TBG Software to review what has been paid to track progress and generate internal reports on finances.

TBG Ultimate Search

Danny needs to find a report he worked on in the past. With limited information he is able to narrow down the information in the database using the TBG Software built in filter tools. With only the test type, a date range, and the employee that completed it, Danny is able to find the record for the client within minutes of starting his search.

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