Engineering Materials Laboratory – Over 30 separate tests with many specs

We have an entire suite of Geotechnical Tests from Sieve Analysis and Proctor to Sulfates and Chlorides tests. We are fully comfortable with deconstructing testing procedures and reconstructing forms for the user to input. Then, professional reports can easily be printed for your clients. All of this useful data is stored on your server with endless applications which are easily accessed with our system.

Engineering Inspection System

We have created a suite of Geotechnical and construction field inspection forms from Post Tension Slab and Drainage to Concrete Strength Sampling and Home Energy / HERS.

Lot/Job Start System

Our Lot/Job Start system draws integral information from the builder’s model number.  Drawings, specifications, and inspection tasks are automatically loaded once a lot start is confirmed from the builder. Saves hours and prevents human error! This works seamlessly with TBG’s scheduling Module.

Field Employee Communication System

Our system is not fully dependent on the internet. Tasks are assigned in the office, then field technicians sync via the Internet. This structure allows field technicians the ability to travel to remote areas without internet access, complete their tasks and enter all data, and then sync back to the office program once internet access is recovered.

Syncing is fast and easy. A few keystrokes and a minute or two allows technicians to use smartphone-created hot spots without the necessity of finding a wifi location. Employees can head to a work site before knowing their day’s tasks giving management time to go over results from the previous day and adjust the schedule.

Dispatching – materials and personnel

This module gives office employees the ability to create or change tasks for the field technicians through receiving phone calls and emails from clients with time sensitive requests. In conjunction with TBG’s scheduling system, you can dispatch ordered materials, stored materials, crews, or people at the exact time and location they are required.