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  • No Hidden Fees

    TBG Software Solutions has a one-time upfront cost and a yearly maintenance fee which includes annual licensing fees and current test method updates. In comparison, many software companies charge a percentage of the income generated on each project or compute fees based on programming hourly rates making it impossible to determine actual costs for budgeting purposes.

  • Unlimited Users, Projects & Customers

    There is no limit on how many projects, users, or clients you include in your database. With other software companies, yearly maintenance fees are charged per user and/or project.

  • Security

    TBG uses a server-based storage system. This enables you to own your data, keep it private, and local. With in-house servers, access to your data is available even if the internet is down.

  • TGB Software is Expandable

    Our only limit is your imagination and investment. TBG’s programmers are aware that testing standards and methods can change with the adoption of building code revisions annually. Our staff is proactively looking for these changes and can quickly accommodate any necessary revisions.

  • Customization

    Everything is customizable with TBG Software Solutions. Mix and match modules make the perfect software program to fit your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we want to make it for you through our Innovation Lab Experience!

  • Experience

    That means every database system that has been purchased has been delivered as contracted (on time or in a timely manner).

    Sadly this is not an industry-wide statistic.

  • Compatibility

    The TBG Software Solutions Database can run on all major database platforms. It is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 10, and any future versions of Windows.

“ProTeX has been using TBG Software Solutions since 2008. Working with programmers that are also engineers gave us the confidence to know they could understand our needs and requirements.”

- Delbert “Andy” A. Rapier, ProTeX The PT Xperts Youtube Video
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