Meet our Executive Team

The folks at TBG believe in teamwork and know that honest communication is an important part of working well together. To facilitate good working relationships, we choose to use first names because it emphasizes that every person is important and valuable; and, it puts everyone on the same level. There’s a lot of stress in the construction industry, but pressures are lessened in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our staff



Wes is a native Texan and proud of it! He’s a gifted visionary with an uncanny ability to inspire people to achieve their highest potential. Wes discovered that innovative software empowers an organization to rise to it’s fullest potential so he purchased TBG Software. Under his leadership and following his dream, Wes is the compass that points the way to expand their horizons.

Stan, PE

President and Founder

Educated in the field, Stan graduated at the top of his class in Construction Management at ASU. After working for a decade in construction and earning his Professional Seal in Civil Engineering, he decided to turn his computer programming hobby into a profession. With more than 30 years of programming experience, Stan is a professional in construction IT where he excels at adapting to its ever evolving nature. Now Stan is excited about new projects and facilitating the needs of his clients.


Vice President – Marketing

After spending two decades as a professional actress, in entertainment management and marketing at Disneyland, Sea World, Universal Studios, and around the world, Jaimie switched gears. She spent the next 5 years as the creative director on the executive team of a southern California non-profit. Her experience in the arts inspires her talent and flair for design, event planning, and sales while her attention to detail insures clients’ needs are met.

Chris, EIT

Senior Programmer/Civil Engineer

Growing up in the Grand Canyon State, Chris graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. After working for six years in the field of Structural Engineering, he decided to dip into computer programming. Now Chris helps maintain and expand the TBG stable of construction-related program modules. True to his engineering nature, Chris once said, “I never make mistakes. . . I thought I did once; but I was wrong.”


Senior Tester/Developer

A natural problem solver since childhood, Adrienne has enjoyed working with Stan on software testing and website design for more than 20 years. Easily hooked by a riddle or dilemma, she enjoys the hunt for software bugs and happily tweaks links and code in the never-ending search for website optimization. Although she doesn’t admit to harboring secret fantasies of being a super hero, Adrienne finds pleasure in locating a bug or error and fixing it before anyone else even knows it’s there.

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